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Shalini Ahuja (Accessory Member)

SHALINI AHUJA is a qualified designer as a Luxury Leather Couturier and young woman entrepreneur. Her brand name Shalini Arts excel in production of hand painted and hand crafted embossed environment friendly leather products. A fuse of the traditional splendour of the East accentuated with the elegance of West exemplifies Shalini’s creation. Her Brand name Shalini Arts is synonymous with beautiful craftsmanship understated branding and exceptional quality and promotes sustainable fashion. World is conscious of conserving environment and by reducing use of harmful chemicals in bio degradable vegetable tanned leather products Shalini supports sustainable fashion. Her collection Leatherose Affair New York 2016 supports sustainable fashion and specialises in vivacious embossed hand painted and crafted leather Apparel and Accessories like suede bags,Calf length boots , Ankle length boots in suede trimmed with embossed hand painted leather strips,Suede skirts and Suede jackets highlighted with digitally printed leather patches at the back and leather tassels.


The uniqueness of this collection is that the leather used is vegetable tanned leather which is not chemically treated and vibrant colors which are applied manually on the designs are biodegradable and environment friendly.


Embossing is done with dies in unique figurative and innovative designs on which colors are applied manually by the artisans. She has been a part of several International Fashion events.


She has showcased her collection at Style New York Fashion week FW 2017, Style New York fashion week 2016. She has participated at Los Angeles Fashion Week SS16 in 2015. In July’ 2011 Shalini showcased her range of Apparel and Accessories at the Hong Kong Fashion Week. Prior to this in January 2011 she show cased at Prêt a Porter , Paris AW 2011-12. She has participated in September 2012 at Mi Milano Prêt a Porter , Milan  for spring summer 2013 collections, Milan, Italy. She has showcased her collection of leather Apparel and Accessories at Pure London A/W 2014.


Her collection of cashmere woollen and pashmina stoles " Cascade Noir" was showcased at LOS ANGELES FASHION WEEK SS16 in October. nspired by nature the entire collection was made from blend of wool and silk with no synthetic material used. She is a member of Fashion Design Council of India. 


She was an attendee at the recently held Global Entrepreneurship Summit, India 2017, where Ivanka Trump was the chief guest.


Shalini is an aficionado of art and has proved that in her chic contemporary embossed hand painted designs. Her acquaintance with Art has assisted her in understanding various cultures and made her designs travel beyond the precincts of her own country, making the designer globally acclaimed.


She is associated with SMART (Society for Marketing of Artisan and Rural Things).



The conviction for art and fashion made the designer come up with her own label Shalini Arts. Geometric& futuristic designs are mixed with classical elements to create a timeless work of art. Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is Art” – Shalini Ahuja.


Artisans associated with Shalini Arts are adept to manually incorporate the cut features deploying their hand tools on the leather products. Environment-friendly colours are applied manually on the embossed leather products thus making them unique and eco friendly.


Shalini Arts has taken up the cudgels to promote export and marketing of embossed hand painted leather products like bags, belts and footwear.


The beauty of this product is the utilization of vegetable tanned leather, which has the properties of accepting any type of pressure on its surface, which enables the creation of beautiful designs via embossing and etching. The resist treatment by using natural extracts creates the batik effect. The leatherwork requires knife, skiving knife, awl, pointer, setsquares, embossing wheel and carriage, combination punch, cobbler’s hammer, edge creaser, thronging chisel, pliers etc as the tools. Embossed leather work on goatskin The leather is cold embossed and the intricate designs are hand painted using spirit dyes to give an individual feel to the smallest and most mundane object.


Leather is bought from the wholesale market and soaked for two days in huge drums. It is then washed thoroughly to rid it of excess tanning ingredients. While fully wet it is stretched on the floor and left to dry. This process involves some skill as the leather needs to be stretched uniformly to avoid wrinkles. Good stretching can also increase the leather surface area by 5 - 10%. At this stage the water in the wet leather acts as an adhesive and holds it firmly to the floor. As the leather dries it automatically disengages from the floor. After this it is marked and cut to size with scissors and cardboard formats. The piece which needs to be embossed is then moistened with a sponge and rolled out with a rolling pin. A block is made according to the desired design by the acid etching process used in old letter presses. The die is placed in a ball press machine and the leather is sandwiched between the die and a sheet of hard rubber and strongly compressed. The leather then takes the imprint of the die. 


After the piece dries, it is ready for coloring. This is done using spirit based dyes which are mixed on the spot. A rolled up piece of cloth serves as a brush. As the leather is dabbed, only the raised portions are colored, while the depressed portions remain white. Several colors may be used on one piece. The flat areas are colored using a mouth operated spray for even coloring.


The leather is again cut according to patterns and assembled to make bags or boxes. Boxes are made using cardboard stiffeners and everything is pasted together using a rubber-based glue. Cardboard is cut using a die, because the cutting has to be very precise. Even a slight error ruins the final shape of the bag. processes are involved in making a complete product, the most important of which is skiving (to disguise the edge of the leather without increasing thickness though fashion pundits have opposing views on this), creasing (to ensure an even fold), beating(with a mallet to increase effectiveness of the adhesive) and polishing (rubbing the leather hard with a smooth piece of stone or glass to give the leather that shiny surface, the pressure and heat involved also closes the pores and gives the leather a high and even density). Bags are made by stitching together the pieces using a sewing machine. Unlike fabric stitching leather has to be stitched with a more heavy duty machine and a certain amount of pre-stitch adhesion is required to keep piece in place.


Fashion Events done
1.Paris Fashion week , Pret a porter Paris
2.Milan Fashion week , Mi Milano Pret a porter Milan
3 Los Angeles’s Fashion week LAFW
4 Pure London
5 New York style Fashion week NYC 2016, 2017
6 Hong Kong Fashion week
7 Shalini Ahuja Show Cannes 20 18 Film & Festival
8 Green Orange Sustainable Fashion week Amsterdam Netherlands
9 Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

  • Address:
    Shalini Arts A Leather Boutique / Production Unit 61A, Shahpurjat
    New Delhi - 110049
  • Telephone:
    +91 26490777
    + 91 9899960262
  • E-mail:
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