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Saaj by Ankita (Preliminary Member)

Ankita is known to create designs that are synonymous with fearless versatility that subtly interpret the intellect of the wearer through the careful deconstruction and inter play of colour. For her, a great design to come through and resonate with the masses, it needs to originate from a place of deep reasoning, one that justifies the designer’s abstract idea, into a clear visual representation that is both relatable and wearable.


The young designer although born in Delhi, travelled extensively through her childhood to various parts of India, with her family, where she was exposed to different cultures and crafts that were being practised, and soon began to grasp the importance of the Indian heritage. She continued to polish her inherent creative and aesthetic understanding, by gaining expertise in the field of fashion and designing. Joining the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi gave her a platform to formally begin implementing her education and skill set that would enable her to conceptualise and create her brand in the future. After graduation, Ankita worked towards recreating the foundation of Saaj along with an excellent designing and management team in place that conceptualised and turned the label Saaj to be globally recognised as a futuristic design house that is today known as Saaj by Ankita.


Her designing sensibility is engrained in nature with radically futuristic design elements that work well and compliment the texture of the garment.  Each garment is a delicate balance of comfort and highlights the deconstruction of colour to form cutting edge patterns. As a designer, Ankita believes in always leaving room for creativity and doesn’t fixate on being associated with a particular way of designing, as she believes that stunts the creative process to unfold naturally.


Her signature style comes through the understanding of constantly evolving global trends and aligning that with the need to create garments that are easily understood, with the appropriate use of colour. Her couture collections are well structured, have an eclectic mix of ethereal tones that are mainly inspired by nature and are celebrated globally for their craftsmanship and intricate embroideries that have a hint of the west. The Indian as well as contemporary silhouettes that she designs, have a universal appeal, for they gently uplift centuries old traditional crafting techniques from all over the world. She carefully implements these techniques onto the garments, bringing back the lost craft and representing it in her unique way, that come undone in her signature pieces.


The idea to let designs develop while building a collection enables one to successfully solidify the design outcome that which speaks of refinement and quality.


There is nothing in the world more comforting than wearing well fitted and perfectly designed clothes. Saaj centres its designs on the Indian heritage and uses the concept of globalization as the apex. When the designs are represented, all of them narrate authenticity through youthful and sultry colours that describe femininity.


The designs by Saaj take centre stage for their interesting use of traditional elements that are elegantly styled and add a creative, authentic dimension, forming the ‘character of the garment.


The approach to designing well, lies in the simplest details, and goes beyond whether one is doing a prêt line or couture. While the fundamentals of elaborate patterning, embroidery and embellishing garments remain engrained in what individually appeals to people, creating cuts, draping and mastering the art of fabric assimilation establishes the right design that can be brought forward into forming a collection. Saaj produces designs that embody progressive concepts and practically articulates prevalent whimsical and abstract ideas to form masterpieces that are adorned globally as well as, are recognised for being young, vibrant and fashion forward.


The designs created by Saaj as a designer label, have made thier mark globally through the rumbling changes over the years, embracing the creative process of designing and defining the purpose to create and influence trends. After a decade of designing and retailing to the fashion centres of the world, Saaj stands tall in its truth of ‘remaining rooted to the Indian heritage’ despite the fact that trends rebound and resurface. Saaj continues to create and develop garments that reason diversity, through impeccable craftsmanship and bring to form, the tangible symmetry of nature, that instantly connects to the alchemy in people all over the world with the subtle shades of colour, and the magic of fabric.


The flagship store is located in New Delhi and the designer label houses its collections in 40 designer boutiques as well as multi designer stores across the country. The label also retails through stores all over London, New York, L.A, Houston, Texas, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, Singapore and the Middle East. Saaj has two designer boutique stores that are housed in the fashion centre of the capital city. The first store retails customised designer fusion wear & prêt wear and the second, houses the label’s finest couture collection. The boutique stores are open to everyone that feel young at heart and are willing to bring that inherent quality to the surface.

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    5E/1, Dada Jungi House Lane, Shahpur Jat
    New Delhi - 110049
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    +91 9811478000
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    +91 11 26494483
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