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Naushad Ali (Preliminary Member)

Naushad Ali is a designer with minimalist inclinations, he believes in revisiting designs to curtail more than to add.


He fosters a deep love towards Indian traditions and crafts, creating designs that bring together modern cuts and heritage fabrics. The appreciation of Indian traditional elements and the ability to relate them to the contemporary is a niche he has created for himself. He believes in reliving the history of a culture by reviving its traditional fabrics.


After graduating from NIFT Chennai and working in the fashion industry for a while, he made his way to Auroville. Setting up Studio Liam in 2013, he created a design line that would transport the expertise of Indian craftsmen to contemporary fashion.


At our studio in Auroville, every garment is designed, tailored and packed with earnest dedication. Our design philosophy involves doing the little things we love doing, and let the rest follow.

  • Address:
    Studio Liam, Aurelec
    Auroville, Tamil Nadu - 605101
  • Telephone:
    +91 413 2623824
    +91 9840096824
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
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