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Rajneeral Babutta (Preliminary Member)

Rajneeral Babutta is a dynamic and intrepid fashion designer based out of the vibrant city of Jaipur. Her eponymous label, which started in 2012, has grown leaps and bounds since and has garnered a selective clientele all over the country. Her designs are fusion of traditional and contemporary values that are ever evolving yet, rooted in our heritage. No two ensembles are alike, in their conceptualization or execution- for she is always on the lookout to experiment with new techniques. The brand is a true reflection of the designer’s vivacity and adaptability, which is evident from the varied sensibilities that are mirrored in her creations.

Rajneeral also owns and operates the multi designer store, VHANNAH, which is located in the verdant heart of the city. The three-year old boutique stocks creations by some of country’s finest young designers and in her words, ‘serve up as a constant source of motivation’ for her own creations. As a board member of the Rajasthan chapter of FICCI Flo, she has keen business acumen and aspires to showcase her label and her vision on various national and international platforms through her creative endeavors. She also aims to establish her store, as a fashion landmark of Jaipur and the rest of the country to promote budding designers, much like herself.

Rajneeral’s first foray into the fashion world was a Showcase at the prestigious Bangalore Fashion Week, which is a breeding ground for up and coming talent in the Indian fashion scene. The year was 2013, and she had only 6 months from ideation to creation of a collection. She pulled the stint off with great panache and how. The show was a success, although in her words, she found the whole experience, rather humbling. It was a stepping-stone to greater things – she had finally found her calling.

An avid explorer whose ears are trained to follow the faint yet compelling 'clack-clack' of the distant looms that promise variegated palette and texture, Rajneeral’s, donning the mantle of an intrepid explorer, travels there with gusto. If the Madhya Pradesh looms offer her the Chanderi, then the women ruled ones from Assam give her the Mekhalachadder, vibrant Khads and Paithini come from Maharashtra and the delicate Jamdani and Khadi are yielded by Bengal and Rajasthan.

Her design sensibilities have evolved through a series of hit and trials and self-education, which shape her philosophy towards the vocation. She has an open minded and organic approach to creativity and is always searching for new stimuli to experiment with, in order to constantly redefine her signature aesthetics. She loves playing with earthy colors, adorning them with a sprinkling of traditional embroideries and ornamentations. Her creative inclinations find resonance with & inspiration from designers like Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Anamika Khanna and Samant Chauhan.

The story of Rajneeral, the brand takes cues from the story of Rajneeral, the woman. It is one that speaks of unrelenting courage and laborious fortitude in the face of many curveballs that life offers up. But above all, it’s a story of love- love for life, and for all that it brings in its wake- and to find beauty and create beauty for the sake of life itself. The ethos of the brand lies in the honest notion of practicing creativity for creativity. However, there is also a tinge of objectivity among all that love- one that doesn’t allow her to settle but to reach out for the stars- in the hope to leave an indelible mark, a legacy, a bequest.

Rajneeral brews a heady concoction where glamorous, modern silhouette is stirred with honest loom and Khadi fabric and sprinkled with the fragrance of soil from a distant village. Rajneeral has participated in many Fashion Shows in India & abroad representing Khadi. Presently working with khadi board of Rajasthan to promote the weavers of Rajasthan.



   Heritage Fashion Week – 2017

   Heritage Fashion Week - 2016

   Solo show with Times of India, The Lalit, Jaipur, 2015

   Presentation at Shaan-E-Pakistan, 2015

   Vhannah show at Taj Jai Mahal Palace, 2015

   Solo show with Times of India, Naila Bagh, 2014

   Blender’s Pride Femina Wedding Times Fashion Fiesta, 2014

   Blender’s Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, 2013



   100 Women Entrepreneurs’ Award, DNA Jaipur, 2015

   Best Couture Designer, National Award, Journalists’ Association of India, 2013

  • Address:
    C - 504, Shiv Path, Nirman Nagar
    Jaipur - 302019
  • Telephone:
    +91 141 4045300
  • Fax:
    +91 141 4021941
  • E-mail:
    info@vhannah.com, vhannahdesigns@gmail.com
  • Website:
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