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Ereena by Jyoti Reddy (Accessory Designer)

Jyoti Reddy is a designer, producer and marketer of the Ereena brand of fine eri silk fabrics, sarees, accessories,and home furnishings initiated in the year 2014.

Ereena was born of her deep conviction in eri's sustainable roots. And 20 years of experimenting with artisanal craftsmanship.
She discovered this beautiful fabric more than a decade ago, in her quest for an 'intelligent fabric'.  And has since worked tirelessly to create awareness, to experiment and to provide an opportunity to experience this amazing silk.

Every product designed by her speaks of a deep love of all living things. Of the eri worm that subsists on ecologically beneficial castor bushes,and flits away unharmed once it has matured into winged adulthood. Of the story of progress of an entire populace inhabiting a remote rural area, nestled among the foothills of the Himalayas. Of the growing prosperity of 20,000 rural families engaged in bringing it to luxurious life. Of an enterprise that has pioneered several new techniques and processes to turn this natural , traditional fabric into the epitome of elegance and comfort. Of an ongoing collaboration with the artisans to continuously upgrade the consistency and commercial viability of the fabric, and constantly experiment with various weaving and  fabric print techniques.

Her designs are pure and play with simple geometric forms. Her colour sense is unique and immensely appreciated. 
She works closely with handlooms and power looms to create unique qualities of fabric with different counts of yarn produced in her own facilities, depending on the end use. As an outsider, who was not conditioned by any formal training or trained since childhood , she has the advantage of thinking outside the box. Jyoti's saree designs have her distinct contemporary touch, while her shawls and scarves have been consistently selected as ' Best New Product Candidate' and 'Best Sustainable Product Candidate' for the three consecutive years, she participated at the NYNOW show in New York.

She has been invited under the 'Innovation' category to exhibit her products at the reputed International Folk Art Market Santa Fe 2018. One of 151 invitees ,selected from 640 applications from 53 countries.

She is also currently preparing to show her fabrics and garments in collaboration with a French designer in Paris this year, to be showcased for 45 days, to an elite audience. Besides, The Weavers Service Center Telangana has nominated her for a national award in design development.

Guiding the journey of  Ereena's eri silk into consistent, high quality silk for the global markets are a team of leading textile technologists, with whom she associated in setting up an eri silk yarn factory in the year 2007.

Ereena is Jyoti Reddy's pioneering effort , producing qualities of eri silk that have never been produced before and generating employment with local resources.

Name of the Store(s) :


Vizag: Kankatala Textiles Pvt Ltd

Chennai: Man Mandir & Lakshmi Store

New Delhi: Laffaire & Kamala store    

Kolkata: Weavers Studio

Coimbatore: Mahaveers

Bareilly: Rawalpanidi Modern

Hyderabad: My Choice Pvt Ltd

Bangalore: Sonal


Retailing Since: 2014

  • Address:
    1190, Road No. 59, Jubilee Hills
    Hyderabad - 500033
  • Telephone:
    +91 9866153195
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
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