Anand Bhushan @ WIFW AW 12

Posted on:  05 Mar 2012

It’s amazing how Anand Bhushan surprises you with his wares every.single.time. From last season’s tribal inspiration to this season’s Junkyard love – every single piece of clothing that he produces has an after taste of creativity and power.

At first, you wonder why change is so frequent and so unpredictable and then you slowly move to a place where you understand the chaos, the urgency to deliver impeccable results within a gap of a few months. In that sense, Bhushan is by far, this industry’s impulsive designer – someone from whom design is all about weaving a new story and producing an entirely different personality every season.

This season, his inspiration came from the junkyard – we call it industrial chic. The silhouettes are form-fitted – the woman he caters to is svelte, becoming and knows how to make a statement. The idea is to creating something precious from discarded material – almost like recycling your future wardrobe. Scrap parts, rusted metal and micro components of machinery were picked up and worked upon with ornate surfaces and texturing with a futurist bent.

The wrap jackets with printed lining and embellished sleeves was our favourite along with the hyper-embellished zippered jacket that worked with structure over form. Notable among the collection were the pencil skirts that came with ultra over the top embellishments, and when worn with plain shirts can make corporate style very alluring. That is infact the beauty of Bhushan’s designs – they add elements of irony to otherwise sensible separates. And irony is beauty in this collection – the beauty of building a more structured personality, one that balances sensitivity and creativity and makes it one wholesome ensemble. So it’s safe to say that Bhushan has managed to create modern day armoury for the discerning working woman.  

Blog by Latha Sunadh

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