Arjun Khanna (Fellow Member)


Arjun Khanna (Fellow Member)

From an early age, Arjun Khanna’s textbooks were filled with doodles of collars, cuffs women’s faces and so on. Who knew that these doodles would later translate into stylish fashion illustrations.

This was the beginning of a passionate love affair between Khanna and fashion. This romance gave birth to the Arjun Khanna label as it is today.

A graduate from London, Arjun established his label in Bombay, in 1990. There was no looking back and today he is considered one of the leading designers in India. He believes that clothes should be beautiful, classic and wearable. They should flatter the human form, not detract from it, and enhance the wearer’s personality. The label has a trademark of exquisite embroidery, fine finish and a clean contemporary styling, which ensure that his garments become classics.

Clothes that are reminiscent of antique India yet retain a contemporary style; his highly original usage of colours and decorative detail, all combine to form the unmistakable Khanna signature style which is so sought after today.

The label dresses both women and men with equal finesse. Being the first to start men’s wear in the country, he is still acknowledged to be the best. Always considered very avant-garde in his vision, Arjun truly has the essence of style, which he hopes to transform into a way of life. The label has become a name to reckon with today. His collections are sold out of landmark boutiques in India. His clientele comprises an amazing cross section of people from leading industrialists, film and theatre personalities to celebrities from all walks of life.