Anju Modi (Fellow Member)


Anju Modi (Fellow Member)

A traveler, a thinker, a dreamer, and a designer, Anju Modi's ethos permeates the layers, details and elements of the brand. The catalyst and the foundations of her designing philosophy have been her love for textile and the Indian craft.

She has built a strong repertoire of the techniques and nuances of textile through research and working closely with the master craftsmen as well as weavers across the country. Her designs are inspired by a wide gamut of references from philosophy and architectural marvels. Each ensemble is exquisitely decorated to reflect, enhance and celebrate the cultural history of various cities and regions across the county, and is a tribute to modern feminism.

The Anju Modi brand has always considered itself a custodian of Indian tradition and strived to provide contemporary innovation to old traditions. The brand's success is in its endeavors to promote craftsmanship is clearly apparent in the beautiful creations.

Synonymous with beauty, strength and elegance, the label has established itself as the epitome of luxury couture. Exhibiting contemporary grandeur that takes inspiration from India’s various culture and heritage. The 25-year-old label has evolved to become an honored and desirable designer brand. Besides deriving concepts from cultural heritage, she also contributed to the bank of textiles reserves and ancient crafts. Supporting and endorsing the use of natural resources and processes that include weaving, vegetable dyeing, block printing and traditional embroidery.

It’s the designer’s journey through the country and her work towards the revival of Indian textile traditions that have been the cornerstones of the eponymous label’s sensibilities since 1990.

She has over time built a strong design formation through research in the techniques and nuances of textile and design, not as a mere observer but by embedding herself in the process. An extreme couturier and a critically acclaimed fashion designer dedicated her work to the revival of long forgotten age-old Indian techniques.

India being centre of her inspirations, her work with the traditional crafts like Chanderi weaving, Kota fabrics, Varanasi zari work and Bandhani printing, have been at the core of the label, serving a niche market. The brand philosophy lies in the development of traditional craft and craftspeople and each ensemble continues the exploration of developing a modern design voice while simultaneously drawing a new story from the rich vocabulary of Indian design and craft