How can I participate in the Events organized by the FDCI? OR I want a show in the India Fashion Week / India Men's Week / India Couture Week. How can I apply?

To participate or apply for participation in the India Fashion Week / events organized by the FDCI, one has to be a member with the Fashion Design Council of India.

How can I become a member of the FDCI?

To apply for membership, all you have to do is download the membership application form pertaining to the applicable category, from the FDCI website www.fdci.org . Once you have filled up the form you may send it across to the FDCI office along with the list of annexure as mentioned in the form. The form should be complete in all respects otherwise it would not be processed. All applications for membership are processed by the ‘Membership Committee’ consisting of eminent members (designers, retail and fashion institutes) from the industry. The names of the membership committee are kept confidential and it is an annual rotational committee. The membership committee meeting is held once in three months. You can apply any time of the year and the application will then be processed in the nearest impending ‘Membership Committee’ meeting. Once the applications are processed, the applicants are intimated of the results (selected or not selected) by e-mail. The ones that are selected are sent

What are the criteria for selection for Membership?

Membership into the FDCI is by selection only. Candidates for Membership must be of recognized ability, standing, and integrity, and must be actively engaged in creative fashion design for at least 2 years and marketing/ retailing wearing apparel under their own label. A candidate’s work should possess a ‘Signature Style’ that is unique and identifiable. Applicants designing in India or Indian Nationals designing in India or international designers of Indian origin with a business based primarily in India are eligible for membership. international designers with a business based primarily in India are eligible for membership. These are the basic minimum requirements to qualify. Decisions on membership are taken by the FDCI Membership Committee which includes senior representatives from the industry like Industry Corporate, fashion professionals, fashion institutes and designers. A candidate is required to submit a portfolio and/ or other materials e.g. video, CDs which best represent his/ her work to date, and clearly demonstrates that the candidate is the recognized designer of his/ her ‘Label’. Candidates must have a good retail network. Copies of press coverage, photographs of their workshop, studio, and educational certificates should be submitted along with the application for membership. Upon its review of candidates’ applications along with supporting documents, the FDCI Membership Committee takes the final decision and the applicants are thereafter informed of the decision. The final membership decision is at the sole discretion of the FDCI Membership Committee.

The application form asks for a detailed and latest portfolio to be submitted? What is the best format to put this together?

The best format is to submit a compiled portfolio consisting of the following: 15-20 pictures of the latest collection shot professionally on a model or dummy. The best size for presentation is 8”X7”. Press clips Workshop and studio pictures Video of any fashion show participated in/ individual show Any other form of work that will support your application

I am a model. I want to do shows with designers. How can the Council help me?

FDCI has the ‘Industry category’ of membership under which all fashion professionals including models, hair stylists, choreographers, etc. can apply. The portfolio of these members is uploaded on the FDCI website www.fdci.org Other than this, the aspiring models can drop in their portfolios to the FDCI office and the Council can keep it in the database for easy reference for the designers or any forthcoming events.